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Find Homes for Sale in Midway Utah

Midway, UT is a small, unique city, located a short drive southeast from Salt Lake City in Utah. Midway got its name way back in the 1800s because it was a convenient, central point between local towns, and the city is still located in prime position today. In addition to its proximity to SLC, Midway is located just a few miles from all of the mountainside action in Park City. And the city of Midway has plenty to offer in its own right! Want to go scuba diving in the middle of a snowy Utah winter? This is the only place in the state where you can do just that.

 Learn more about the city of Midway, UT ahead, with help from  Cheryl Fine-Whitteron, your local luxury real estate expert.

 Meet the Community of Midway, Utah

 Midway isn't a large city, but it has been growing quite a bit in recent years. Today, the city's  population stands at an estimated 4,436 residents, and it has more than doubled in size since the 2000 Census. Part of the reason for that growth is Midway's economic performance. Residents here enjoy a median household income of $77,490 – about $20,000 above the Utah average – and home values that perform nearly as well compared to state averages. Mix in a cost of living 7.5 percent below the national average, and you have a recipe for economic success. Midway is also a well-educated city, with about 45 percent of adults holding a college degree, and nearly 95 percent earning at least a high school diploma.

 Unique Entertainment Options in Midway, Utah

 Since we mentioned it in the opening, we're sure you're wondering how someone can go scuba diving in a natural water source in the middle of a Utah winter. It's all thanks to the  ...

The Canyons Real Estate in Park City Utah

Park City has long been a dream destination for skiers from around the world, thanks to its excellent snow totals, long ski season, and some of the most popular ski resorts in North America. And the best just got even better. Over the last few years, Vail Resorts has overseen the merger of Park City's two most iconic ski resorts – Park City Mountain and The Canyons. The result? The largest ski resort in North America, with thousands of acres of terrain, luxurious lodges, delicious dining, and of course beautiful slope-side homes with all of the luxury you expect from Park City living.

 If you love skiing, snowboarding, and living the good life, now is the time to make your move to Park City. Ski season will be here before you know it, so let's take a closer look at the updates to Park City Mountain and the Canyons ski resort in Utah.

 The Canyons Resort Utah and Park City Mountain: What to Expect from Park City's Premier Ski Resort

 The merger of The Canyons and Park City Mountain has been far more than just a business deal. These two resorts were once separate from one another, each with their own unique feel, terrain, and amenities. Now, both resorts have become one, linked by a high-speed gondola line that provides easy access to both ski areas. Vail Resorts has made a major investment in the resort, and has already  spent $50 million on a wide range of updates and improvements:

 Tons of Terrain – Both Canyons and Park City Mountain were large resorts before the merger, and now the numbers are truly staggering. 7,300 acres of terrain, new high-speed lifts including the Quicksilver Line that connects the two resorts, more trails than you can count, and...